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Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my birthday and yes, if you're wondering how old, let's just say I haven't been asked for ID in a few years. For me it's business as usual today with one exception - I get to eat a favourite food which is a thing we like to do in our house. On Danielle's birthday I made her pancakes which she loves. The challenge I have is that I love all kinds of food, though my tastes are pretty simple. It doesn't help in the decision making process though.

This led me to ponder on how food is universally a centre of celebration and becomes the focal point of family occasions - Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Births and Deaths are obvious examples, as well as Christmas. We're so fortunate to play a part in people's celebrations during some of these significant events every weekend. It's a role that we take every seriously as the catering can literally be the 'make or break' on the day and even though The Flaming Good Food Company has been serving up great food for almost 8 years now, we're still learning. Tastes change over time and serving styles as well as foods pass in and out of fashion. We're serving more and more meals as "Table Feasts", whereas alternate drop is not something we're asked to do very often.

A Table Feast is where each table is presented with everything on the menu for guests to help themselves and we're firm favourites of this style. Guests love it too - it's a really social way of eating as plates get passed around and a definite ice breaker. If 2019 was the year of the grazing table, 2020 could well be the year of the Feast Table.

And what will I have on this auspicious day to celebrate? Quite possibly a pie and chips! It'll be a home made brisket pie with home grown potatoes washed down with a small celebratory glass of Burgundy. just because we can . . . and because it's my birthday.

Brisket with Salad from the garden, fries and a Chateauneuf du Pape.


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