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Our Ovens are the Engine Room

The Flaming Good range of mobile ovens are the engine room of our business and with a small fleet of them travelling all over Queensland every week we go through quite a bit of firewood. Our first oven was the typical large, round, dome type cob oven that still produces some of the best and authentic tasting pizzas! For larger private functions and weddings we also use very large steel ovens. Pictured below is one of them that can cook up to 40 pizzas at once, roast a whole lamb or pig or any combination of dishes. On the side of the oven is a separate Parilla style BBQ that can also function as a rotisserie with up to 30 chickens going round at once!

Learning to get the best out of these ovens takes a bit of practise but the results are absolutely worth it as the food comes out with a unique slightly smoky savouriness and depth of flavour that will make your mouth water. Fans of our pork include Paul West from River Cottage Australia who described the taste as 'sensational". And we'd agree . . . .


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