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The humble Potato

Walter Raleigh may well look back and regret introducing genteel society to tobacco, but he was really on to something when he brought back the humble spud from South America all those years ago. It's become a staple part of our everyday diets with it's amazing range of flavours, textures and style of presentation. For the family meal it's hard to go past mashed sounds - with a little butter and milk mixed in plus a dash of salt and pepper for seasoning it goes so well with almost everything.

For perfect roast potatoes we have a method that is a winner - every time. Basically the potatoes are lightly steamed before being roasted to give a slightly crips exterior and a light fluffy flesh inside. Season with a little salt . . . just delicious.

Baked potatoes can be done easily in an oven - 180 degrees for around an hour should be right. For extra tasty deliciousness, cooking on campfire coals is the way to go for us here on the Olive Grove. Individually wrap each potato in foil and cover with coals. Come back an hour to 90 mins later, add a knob of butter and season to taste. The family will lo

ve them!


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