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Toowoomba We're Home!!

It's taken 8 years and we've finally made it. We've moved into our new premises here in Toowoomba and we are LOVING it!

Having been based out on the Olive Grove for the past 8 years has been wonderful apart from the fact that after every event and private function we did we'd have to drive back another hour and a half to get home. An extra three hours driving each time was starting to wear a little thin. One of the main reasons and benefits of being here is that after working very hard all day prepping and cooking up great food we would typically finish a 12 or 13 hour shift around 9 o clock and then still have to drive an hour and a half to get back to the farm. We'd then have to put things away, start the dishwasher, grab a quick bite to eat and a shower and fall into bed around midnight. An 18 hour day would not be unusual. So being here means we save three hours of travel and this weekend we were home n hosed by 9 15, in bed by 10. Wow! For us that was absolute bliss!! It was especially appreciated as the following day we met a whole bunch of lovely Brides and Grooms to be at the City Golf Club Wedding Expo so we were up early to bump in and get organised. So we are absolutely delighted that we now have a Toowoomba base for our trailers and for ourselves.

The move has opened up a whole world of potential for us too. We've been presented with an abundance of opportunities in a very short space of time including a number of regular corporate catering options that we are very excited about.

One of the nicest things we've found is that we have met so many bright, positive people running their own businesses and being able to share ideas has been very uplifting. It's also been wonderful to be able to help out others who are in the very exciting and somewhat daunting process of starting their own business.

We'll soon be putting in place a delivery system too, so we'll be able to service the Toowoomba area in much greater depth. These new opportunities are really exciting and we can hardly wait to get stuck into it.

There's a few projects that we are particularly excited to get underway, one of which is to prepare and plant up our herbs and edibles garden - we can't wait for that! We'll also be able to increase the amount of corporate clients we currently have, so we'll be delivering sensational platters morning and afternoon teas and so on all across Toowoomba. There's more planned but I'm not allowed to reveal that just yet . . .

We still have the Olive Grove and we'll be re-stocking with sheep to help out with the grass now that this wonderful rain is here and turning everything green again.

We are SO excited that we'll be running weekly giveaways over the next few weeks. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details.

The sign is up and we are ready for business. It's Time for Action!


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