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Wise Words . . .

There's been a lot of wise words said over the years and some funny things made into car stickers. One of my favourites goes along the lines that we may need a doctor or a lawyer from time to time, but essentially we need a farmer three times a day! Being farmers ourselves this always brings a rare smile to our faces. I say rare because right now farmers across the country are doing it tough. When I say tough the challenges are enormous and omni-present, not least of all is the current drought and associated bush fires happening on our door step here in Queensland.

A couple of weeks back our hard working team drove to the other side of Charleville and back in a three day epic road trip to cater for an outback wedding and I am delighted to say that the friendly welcoming nature and positive spirit out west are alive and well. Family, friends and guests of the happy couple were so lovely and appreciative that we'd go to such lengths to make their day as special as we could.

Buying local and supporting our farmers makes so much sense in so many ways. A recent post I read on Facebook described how buying local paid for the kids new footie boots, school uniforms and text books and so on, rather than putting profits into the hands of massive corporations or even worse, profits are sent overseas. You make a political decision with every dollar you spend . . .


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